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Our special place….

Across the Norfolk Marshes

Across the Norfolk marshes lies,
a special place under the vast blue skies.
My favourite corner of England to take a stroll,
with a wild solitude that heals the soul.

On the staithe people to and fro,
The tide is out and they’ve nowhere to go.
The small boats sleep on beds of muddy sand,
tilted by gravity’s heavy weighted hand.

A sinuous rusty red path atop the sea wall leads the way,
on this glorious clement September sun blessed day.
As we walk toward the sea the quayside voices fall,
soon replaced by the Oyster Catcher & Curlew call.

Over the water meadows where the cows lazily graze
and the Barn Owls hunt in the indigo evening haze.
Beyond where the silky mud flats glisten in the sun,
just after the Samphire’s salt marsh is done.


Here over the golden green rolling sand dunes
on the beach where lay the shallow deep blue sea lagoons.
This is my Shangri-la, my perfect place to be,
My treasure island, my childhood, in short simplicity it’s Me.

And when the day is done and it’s time to go,
as the Sun melts into the marsh in an orange glow.
I’ll go back to my prosaic life reassured to know
That my special place will forever be just so.


Our special Norfolk…..


Is wonderfully unspoiled and all of the above photos were taken on the one walk with the sunsets in a neighbouring  harbour. I talk of the solitude that is the solitude from people of course for there is a constant back drop of birds. We had several thousand geese in the meadows which we could hear from over a mile away. The dunes are fantastic and from the highest of them you have a 360° view from Wells Next The Sea to Holme near Hunstanton and on a good day you can see Skegness in Lincolnshire!

If you want to know where our special place is then come and stay here at The Old Bakery B&B and we shall enlighten you!