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Quilt workshops – Bookcase quilts

One of the most popular workshops I run is making a bookcase or a bookshelf quilt. It all started when I made a king-size bookcase quilt for my son and daughter-in-law when they got married in 2017. I had seen a photo of a quilt made in Canada as a raffle prize that I liked which inspired me to make this design. I choose book titles that I knew were favourites of my son’s from childhood to the present day as well as favourites of my daughter-in-law and a photo in a frame of the two of them.

I enjoyed making that so much that I wanted to create my own bookcase full of my favourite books. Here’s some of my favourite children’s books.

This is the whole bookcase. I like the random heights and colours of the spines but others may prefer to have more order in their shelves! When my son saw my finished bookcase he pointed out that the shelf of children’s books is out of reach at the top of the bookcase and the murder mysteries are on the bottom shelf. That hadn’t occurred to me, I had placed them where I liked the colours best!


The bookcase has been much admired and people were keen to create their own and add in their own variations. Below is a shelf being made by Nicola for her daughter.

And this is Sue’s finished bookcase with the addition of lovely crockery and buttons! She copied the shape of the top of my dresser in the studio for her bookcase.

It has been fascinating to see the different ways that quilters have interpreted the design, I know that some are still work in progress and I hope to be able to share more pictures of their finished bookcases in the coming months.

If you are interested in making your own shelf or a whole bookcase please get in touch with me at