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The Art of Autumn – Toadstools & Mushrooms Too….

Our Woodland canopy’s are soon to explode in a swansong of colour but as a prelude the forest floors are now  bubbling up with the more subtle colours of Toadstools and mushrooms….

I love taking photographs of all things natural, the process makes me observe things in more detail and see so much more. So here are some pictures of our wonderful fruits of the forest taken from a slightly different viewpoint.

The Fly Agaric mushroom’s white gills make a stark contrast to the vivid red of the top flesh. An hallucinogenic mushroom it is the stereotypical illustration of mushrooms in fairy tales and fables.

I love these Fungi that grow on living trees. They are often positioned right up the tree like tiny gnome steps! Here you can see that a spider has built it’s web using the fungi as a canopy to protect from the rain.

More like a sea urchin than a fungi as it has curled up so tightly that it’s gills are now showing on top.  I believe this is an Amethyst Deceiver which I understand it’s cap is edible but this being the internet DO NOT TAKE MY WORD FOR IT!

Some gills look more like coral or sponge. This mushroom had been knocked upside down probably by some creature like a Badger snuffling around for food. The honeycomb giving such a lightweight cap the strength it needs to stay spread out.

I’ve no idea what these are called but sat upon a tree stump they reminded me of a chorus line of Can-Can dancers on stage waving their frilly petticoats around to the Galop infernal!




The ‘pancake look’ so thin that the sunlight can shine through them.

I love this village of mini umbrellas.

Perhaps a bit of old shoe leather?

Could be a piece of hot smoked salmon with a flake of white fish fallen away.

In short it is really worth a little jaunt out to your local deciduous wood to go hunting out some of these most remarkable of native living things. You will find it most rewarding.