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Winner of the AA Friendliest B&B of the Year 2016/17

‘Tripping’ the Light Fantastic….

The true art of running a small B&B is the ability to nimbly step from the perfect host to housemaid to cook to scullery maid to maintenance & gardener to accountant and lightly step right back to a host & confidant again, forever ‘tripping’ the light fantastic…..

It often amuses me when after a week of changeovers, having put through load after load of washing, driven to the myriad of local food producers & suppliers, shopped for England, made a dozen beds, cleaned, hoovered and cooked some 30 breakfasts a guest asks over the said breakfast….  “What do you do for a living Mike?”.

Sometimes I’m asked if I’m enjoying my retirement, blinking cheek! 

Alison doesn’t fair any better when on days that she doesn’t work for the NHS she joins me to work in the B&B and a jaunty guest states “So you’re on a day off then.”!

So just to be clear running a B&B at times involves hard work & long hours BUT it is also true to say that managed correctly you can also enable that time to slow down a little, be your own master, indeed escape the famous rat-race. The trick of course is to get the work / life balance sorted. Close for a few days and go for a walk on the wind blown marshes to clear your head. So hard to do when your on the daily 9 to 5 corporate slog. That then is the payback, the ability to Slow You Down as they say here in Norfolk. The business mantra was always work hard & play hard, well we’re something more like work hard & chill harder. Alison chills by sewing and myself with my photography and of course both of us love to get out to the beaches and also enjoying the wonderful Norfolk eateries which are of such a high standard.

Our driving force at work is our standards, we believe that if you are going to do a job you should do it as well as you can possibly do so. Our feedback is our measure, we all love compliments. So it is with great pride that our hard work has been recognised once again by both those in the industry and more importantly by the guests themselves.

In October we were especially proud to have been the winner of the Eviivo national Bed, Breakfast and Beyond Award once again putting our B&B, set in the heart of North Norfolk, firmly on the map as a place to be.

The Award was primarily for the extra service that we provide with our unique Quilters retreats. Initially set up to generate trade in the quieter months they have taken on a life of their own and we now have bookings for retreats throughout the year as the word spreads. So much so that quilters are booking well in advance to be sure to get the dates that they would like. You may remember our Blog in April 2018;

Our new Quilt Studio is open – Alison shares her excitement!

We were invited to an Oscar like event in the De vere Grand Connaught rooms, in Covent Garden and only knew that we had won the award as they started to describe the winning business to the audience. The award was presented to us by Beth Allcock, Senior Travel Reporter at the Daily Express.

eviivo award winners 2019


The Judges Said

“This property runs retreats of a particular kind for its guests, which have risen in popularity because they allow guests to unwind whilst being creative and social.

These retreats often provide some welcome respite to those who otherwise struggle to find time for themselves, through illness or being caregivers.

The judges especially liked the thoughtfulness of the hosts, the unique concept of the retreat and the homely interiors of the property itself.”

Also taken into account were our reviews from all the different review sites and platforms which brings us nicely onto this years accolade in that as of today we have been ranked by Tripadvisor’s Traveller reviews as 8th out of the 687 B&B’s in Norfolk!       Tripadvisoring the light fantastic…

We have also received the Tripadvisor ‘Certificate of Excellence’ for our reviews over the last few years.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all those that took the time to write a review and for the many kind words and votes of endorsement to what we are doing because in the end we all love to be complimented don’t we and frankly it’s the icing on the cake to what we love doing which is looking after you guys.

Thank You.